P.O. Box 1139 Marfa Texas? 79843
P.O. Box 1139 Marfa Texas? 79843

Lucas Charles Brite first arrived at the base of Capote Peak on October 12, 1885. Mr. Brite?s own account states, ?Before me was a new and untried country- an experiment. I wondered what the future held in store for me. I fully realized whether successful or unsuccessful that I would necessarily have to endure many hardships.?

He was born in 1860 in Caldwell County. When Luke Brite was 3 years old, his father died. As a young boy he learned to ride the ranges of Tom Green and Frio Counties. At the age of 25 young Luke began trailing a main herd of common cattle belonging to a half-dozen friends; Brite?s herd was a part of it. The hardships and trials of 7 months of trailing over 600 miles from Frio County to the Texas Highlands had left its impress- both cattle and horses were thin in flesh, languid, and leg weary, and doubtless like the man, overjoyed when they reached the ?End of the Trail.? at the base of Capote Mountain. Nature severely tested the mettle of young Luke Brite. All who settled that area quickly learned that it was unrelenting- a harsh land for tough men. The first year, that part of Texas was drought ?stricken, and Brite lost one-fourth of his herd. But he was no quitter; he accepted hardships and trials as part of the
game. He studied the land, its grasses, water sources, the weather, the carrying capacity and the effects of overgrazing. Luke Brite lived his life on faith in God, Hereford cattle and grama grass

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