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The Best GPS for Fishing

Best GPS for fishing

If you’re a fisherman who doesn’t have space on your boat for electronics, then a handheld GPS is the way to go. With this, you are free to cruise around your favorite waterway without fear of getting lost. Mark the boat ramp or where you put in so you know exactly how to get back. You can also mark points on your GPS from where you have caught fish during the day. That way, when you come back you can go to the exact spot where the fish were holding.

These units are naturally waterproof and have the capacity to hold many waypoints. Some even have a beacon which can be used during a storm or if there is any other emergency on the water. If you’re concerned about dropping it overboard then these handheld GPS units can easily be paired with a float bag as well.

And when you’re not on the water these can be used for hunting, hiking, or camping. Handheld GPS units are multifunctional and can be used for many outdoor activities and could even save your life.

1 – Garmin GPS Map 64st

The GPS Map 64st comes with a sunlight-readable 2.6-inch screen. This works perfectly with those bright sunny days on the water. The unit also comes with 8gb of internal memory as well as a slot for a micro SD card which is more than enough memory to hold all of your favorite fishing spots.

It has a 16-hour battery charge, and takes two AA batteries. This should be more than enough time for a day trip of fishing, but make sure to bring a pair of extra batteries if you plan on fishing more than two days in a row.

2 – Garmin eTrex 20X

The eTrex 20X is the new and improved version of the eTrex 20. It comes with improved screen resolution and larger memory storage for downloading maps, as well as saving waypoints. This is an extremely durable GPS unit and also comes with different mounts that can be used for ATV’s, bicycles, boats and cars.

Despite having a smaller screen than the GPS Map (2.2”), it still offers a sunlight readable display. And because of HotFix satellite prediction and GLONASS support, eTrex is able to locate your position with ease. No matter if you are in the middle of the lake or in a canyon, eTrex will know exactly where you are.

3 – Garmin 72H Waterproof Handheld GPS

Coming in at only six ounces, this GPS unit is one of the lightest you can find. Because it’s lightweight it is able to float. So, there is no fear if you accidently drop it overboard. It is also water resistant and can withstand the accidental dunk in the water.

The large screen and simplicity of the device makes it perfect for the non tech-savvy outdoorsman. It has an 18-hour battery life which is more than enough for a day or two on the water. The unit can also connect to your computer using a USB. This allows you to store all the information you need safely on your computer as well as your GPS unit.

4 – Garmin Oregon 3-in Handheld GPS

This is for the fisherman who loves new technology. The 3-inch display with touch screen gives you a whole new look as a trending GPS unit. It comes with 100 thousand pre-loaded maps and is equipped with a faster processor which can work in just about any environment.

The display can be seen in both direct sunlight as well as shade, and has an 8-megapixel camera which can capture a picture of the fish of the day with just a single touch of a button. It comes with a 4gb SD card where you can store your photos as well as any maps you need.

5 – Garmin eTrex 10 Handheld GPS

If you are on a budget, but still in the market for a fishing GPS then this is the unit for you. It’s cheap, strong, and has a visible screen that can adjust itself in almost any light condition.

It has a 2.2-inch screen and has GLONASS support which makes it just as accurate as any other Garmin GPS unit on the market. It is also water resistant against quick splash downs in the water as well as rain and has a 20-hour battery life.

6 – Garmin GPS Map 64 World Wide GPS

Featuring a 2.6-inch screen this large screened GPS comes with an adjustable backlight which means it can be read in high light situations as well as low. Also, a fun feature is the ability to choose between having a 2D or a 3D image.

It has a quad helix antenna which makes for better reception than other models out there and is also extremely accurate. When used consistently this device has a battery life time of 16-hours.

7 – Garmin GPS Map 62stc Handheld Navigator

This unit is not only durable and waterproof, but comes equipped with a camera. It also comes with a WAAS enabled receiver which can find your position on the water even when under heavy cover. The unit has a storage capacity of 4.3 GB along with 100 thousand topo maps that are preloaded onto it. These maps cover waterways all over the US and Puerto Rico. It also has the ability for custom maps to be downloaded so that you can see lesser known waterways.

8 – Garmin GPS Map 78sc Handheld GPS Navigator

This device can be used in a wide array of environments. It can be used in dry or humid conditions and because it’s waterproof, can be utilized perfectly by fisherman. The unit also float capability. If you’ve ever lost a phone or another GPS unit in the depths of a lake, you know how important that is.

Because of its high sensitivity GPS receiver, it takes just a few seconds to find your position. It comes equipped with a rugged case that allows it to withstand any drops, bumps, or dings that may occur during the day.

The screen adjusts based on the light conditions, however the text can be difficult to read at times because of its size.

9 – Magellan eXplorist 310

This unit comes with exact and detailed fishing maps for hundreds of bodies of water in the US. This gives all fisherman the ability to view different locations and allowing them to switch their tactics accordingly.

There are also fishing hot spots that come loaded onto the device. These include fishing points of interests, lake profiles, and lake specific techniques and tips. The fishing hot spots map bundle will also allow you to download your choice of 3 different maps.

10 – Magellan eXplorist 350H Handheld

This easy to use GPS is both durable and waterproof, making it perfect for the hunter or angler. This unit comes with a free 1-year subscription to digital globe satellite imagery. This gives you a higher resolution map on your unit as well as pinpoint accuracy as to your location.

This unit takes 2 AA batteries and has life of 18+ hours. It also has a track summary which shows you exactly where you’ve been and how to get back to your launch point or boat ramp.