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Welcome to Texas Outdoor Organizers (T.O.O.), Texas’ largest fully independent hunting and fishing trip planner.
Purpose of T.O.O.
T.O.O. was founded in February 2000 with the business philosophy of committing to the sportsman/woman that wishes to fish or hunt in Texas. T.O.O. has only worked for the sportsman/woman, we have never been a “booking agent” for any specific hunting ranch, guide, or captain in Texas. T.O.O. works for the Sportsman, always has, always will!

Our only focus is making sure the sportsman/woman that agree to have T.O.O. work for them receive the best hunting or fishing package based on their trip’s criteria.

As 2014 moves into the summer, T.O.O. is in it’s 14th year in the Texas Hunting/Fishing landscape. That is what we do; work within hunting and fishing related venues, 24/7, all around Texas.

T.O.O. has expanded it’s hunting/fishing presence into other hunting/fishing related avenues, but the core of our business always will be making sure those sportsmen and women looking to hunt or fish in Texas that allow T.O.O. to work for them find the best fishing & hunting package for their time and money.

Let Texas Outdoor Organizers work for you in finding, planning, and making the hunting or fishing trip happen with as little hassle as possible on your end.

Please look through our updated website and contact us at (210) 215-3877 or email us at too@outdoorstexas.com We’re ready to work for you.

Summer 2014 Texas Hunting/Fishing Outlook
At the beginning of summer 2014, Texas has been blessed as much of the state has received solid rainfall this spring. Not all of Texas received beneficial rain but much of Texas has received enough solid rain to develop fairly good deep soil moisture .
Right now many areas of Texas have fair to substantial levels of ground moisture and that is getting the deer, turkey, and other game off to a solid start due to spring green up and resulting food growth for the animals. We hope Texas will receive more rain to continue this growth pattern, but things are looking pretty good for 2014 as Texas continues to recover from the drought of a few years ago..
As beneficial the rains have been for the last few months, most Texas lakes have not seen enough heavy rainfall with the good run-off required to fill the lakes. The result as of the first days of June 2014 is that many lakes in Texas are still below normal pool level. That will affect the fishing in Texas lakes, but that has happened before and we will receive substantial run-off at some point and refill the lakes. Whether of not it is in 2014 or later remains to be seen.

For the coastal regions for 2014, Texas has a bad dose of Brown Tide in the Upper Laguna Madre/Baffin Bay area which doesn’t really affect the numbers of game fish such as our Speckled Trout, Red Drum, and other species. The Brown Tide affected the fishermen more than the game fish as the affects of Brown Tide makes it more difficult to fish artificial lures when it is present. Other than the Upper Laguna Madre and Baffin Bay areas, Texas Bays are in great shape for 2014.
Off shore fishing has been solid, with limited problems other than the usual strong winds affecting the smaller offshore boats. The long range tuna charters on the “party boats” have had great luck through late January catching Yellowfin Tuna and other species. The past winter has allowed for limited numbers of these tuna trips to get out and fish with the result being some very good fishing for offshore fishermen. See the upper right picture this page for a respresentative type T.O.O. organized tuna trip.

As 2014 approaches the second half of the year, T.O.O. is encouraged by the rainfall and mild weather so far for that affects the hunting and fishing across Texas. With a little luck the rains and weather will continue to bless all of Texas and the sportsman can continue with a fantastic year of hunting and fishing in Texas in 2014.

How Texas Outdoor Organizers works and Fees
T.O.O. offers three options for the sportsman to find the right Texas hunting or fishing trip.
1. List of hunting or fishing Trips
Sportsmen request a list of hunting or fishing options based on their criteria. T.O.O. will provide a list of up to 10 quality, reputable business’s that fit that criteria. The sportsman does all the calling, booking, sending deposits, etc.
If no deal is reached with the business’s on the list T.O.O. will provide another list with up to 5 more ranches, guides/captains that fit the criteria required. This option works for those sportsman that want to do the interviewing themselves so to speak. About 15% of T.O.O.’s use option 1.
Option 1 Fees
Hunting (T.O.O. has a minimum fee of $25 per person for the inexpensive freezer hunts such as whitetail or exotic doe hunts, or hog hunts.)
Hunt list up to $1,499- $75 fee
Hunt list from $1,500-$3,000-$150 fee
Hunt list above $3,000- $200 fee
10% of the charter cost. Saltwater or freshwater same simple charge per charter.

2. Book an outdoor Trip using T.O.O.
Most sportsmen/women hire T.O.O. to work for them to provide hunting or fishing options that fit the criteria requested. T.O.O. provides all information does the calling/contacting and works with the sportsmen/women to make sure the presented hunts fit the criteria of the sportsmen/women.
The sportsmen/women have final say on which trip they choose, and T.O.O. assists in all aspects of the trip, booking the dates, taking care of deposits, forwarding paperwork, providing an itinerary of the trip, everything needed to be prepared for the particular hunting or fishing trip.
Standard fee for Option 2 is 10% of the hunt cost only. No adding license, travel, meal costs, or anything else when we present quality hunting or fishing options to you.
Example: $2,000 total cost hunt, T.O.O. fee is $200.
Simple, easy, and most times T.O.O. will save the sportsman money by presenting the best deal for the trip the sportsmen wanted.

As always T.O.O. only takes payment directly from the sportsmen when a trip is decided on with Option 2.
3. Hunting or Fishing Trip Consultation
T.O.O. offers our experience on providing unbiased, accurate information on Texas hunting and fishing operations. For a simple cost, Individual and family sportsmen will have unlimited access to T.O.O. for one full year for any hunting and fishing operation you might have questions you want to ask.
Consultation Fee:
Fishing guides/charters (salt or freshwater) $75
Hunting Consultation: $100

Note: This consultation is not applicable to companies, corporation, businesses, etc. T.O.O.offers an annual package for in this avenue for those businesses wishing to reward employees or entertain clients. Please contact T.O.O. via phone or email if interested in the annual Corporate Package to entertain your clienrts and customers.

T.O.O. accepts personal check, money order, cashiers check, and Paypal with the fee included to the cost.
All prices are cash price. Credit card fee of 3.9% applies to all CC transactions.
*All paper payment must clear our account before the trip is considered paid in full.*

T.O.O. Philosophy
T.O.O.’s philosophy is simple. The sportsman is the boss and we work for you. Period. T.O.O. will follow the criteria parameters for the requested hunting/fishing trip. That’s what matters to us at T.O.O. and what we will focus on when you contact us. T.O.O. will provide feedback and our expertise, but we never try to turn your focus in another direction unless asked for suggestions by the sportsman.

We invite you took over our website and see what Texas Outdoor Organizers can do for you for your once in a lifetime or multiple hunting or fishing trips in Texas. We believe T.O.O. offers the best value in finding the right hunting or fishing trip in Texas. You save time and money and save the headaches and get to enjoy the trip without dealing with the waiting and wondering when trying to find the right trip for you.

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